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New Pig is the World Leader in Leak & Spill Products. Call us at 1-800-274-7447
New Pig is the World Leader in Leak & Spill Products. Call us at 1-800-274-7447

WorkWipes® New White T-Shirt in Bag - WIP554


For the highest in quality, consistency and performance, choose virgin material. Each rag is 100% usable!

  • New Material Rags
  • White T-Shirt Material
  • 4.5 kg Compression Packed Bag


  • New rags provide purity and performance for tough wiping applications while still helping to keep costs down
  • Strict material and size requirements mean you get more usable, high quality rags in every package. No useless rag pieces!
  • Rags are visually hand-sorted to remove large pieces of printing to ensure they're usable
  • Eco- and cost-friendly rags are made from factory mill ends of new cotton and cotton-blend T-shirt material
  • More consistent performance and nicer appearance than reclaimed rags
  • Durable, low-lint material is ideal for staining, polishing and general wiping
  • Compression-packed bags take up half the space of loosely packed boxes
  • Poly bag means there's no heavy packaging added into the final weight; you get more rags than you would with an equal-sized box


            Color: White
            Recycled Content: 100% Pre-Consumer Recycled Textiles
            Fabric: T-Shirt
            Rag Type: New Material Rags
            Rag Count: Approximately 9 Rags per lb.
            Scanned for Metal: No
            Sorted for Printing: Yes
            Washed: No
            Sold as: 1 bag
            Weight: 4.5 kg
            # per Pallet: 90
            Composition: Cotton & Cotton Blends
            Packaging: Bag - Compressed

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