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About New Pig

Product development is ongoing at our headquarters in Tipton, Pennsylvania, USA.

New Pig is the world leader in leak and spill products.

New Pig Corporation is an internationally respected manufacturer of top-quality products for managing industrial liquids and cleaning up leaks and spills. In 1985, New Pig revolutionised industrial cleanup and launched the absorbent industry with the invention of the PIG Original Absorbent Sock.

Why the Pig name?
The area of the warehouse where we first tested our prototypes was an oily mess. Our absorbent socks lying in pools of dirty oil were called “pigs” because they looked like they were wallowing in it. When it was time to trademark our new absorbent, we weren’t sure that “pig” would be the best name for it. But our customers loved the name, so we kept it. Co-founder Ben Stapelfeld chose “Pig Corporation” as the company name but discovered that it had already been registered by a Pennsylvania farmer. Undaunted, Ben simply added the word “new” at the beginning to create “New Pig Corporation.”

Ongoing Innovation
Today, we remain committed to innovation and the constant search for new solutions to our customers’ problems. Our product engineers design, develop and thoroughly test every new solution to make sure it will work flawlessly in your facility. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, our products have won numerous awards for their superior innovation and performance.

Technical Expertise
New Pig’s knowledge and technical expertise go beyond the products we sell. We understand best management practices, environmental concerns and the challenges that industrial facilities face every day. More than just a manufacturer of goods, we’re here to help keep India’s workplaces clean and safe.

Established Credibility
As the founders of the contained absorbent industry, nobody has been in the business longer. For nearly 27 years, New Pig has been regarded as the world leader in leak and spill management. That’s why PIG products are valued by over 200,000 customers in more than 70 countries.

  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications mean you can expect only the best.

ISO 9001
QMI-SAI Global

ISO 14001
QMI-SAI Global


As the #1 brand of absorbents in the world, only the highest quality products are manufactured and shipped from our warehouses.

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