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TimeStrip® Indicators - TSP001


These handy TimeStrip Indicators make it easy to see how long your Restroom Mats with Adhesive Backing have been in service. Ideal for use with sink mats, toilet mats, urinal mats, urinal floor mats and other bathroom mats.

  • For Restroom Mats with Adhesive Backing
  • 6 each


  • Small, adhesive-backed tags stick on Restroom Mats with Adhesive Backing to provide a visual reminder of how long the mat has been on the floor
  • Can be used to monitor service life of existing mats
  • Available to monitor 30- or 90-day time spans


     Use With Restroom Mats with Adhesive Backing
    Dimensions:  1.9cm W x 3.8cm L
    Installation Method Self-Adhesive
    Sold as 6 per bag
    Weight: .11 kg
    # per Pallet 500
    Composition: Plastic top layer with adhesive backing
    Shelf Life 3 years


    Additional Information

    Product Data Sheet (PDS)

    The Factories Act 1948, chapter III, section 19, (1), (d)

    Latrines and urinals - all such accommodation shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times;

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