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Removal Tool - GRP020


Make PIG Grippy Mat removal even easier with this claw-like tool for easy pulling.

  • For PIG Grippy Mat


  • Removal Tool "locks" its jaws onto mat material, providing a firm handgrip for pulling up adhesive-backed mat
  • Rounded handle adds comfort; won’t dig into your hands as you pull
  • High-quality aluminum construction is durable and reliable

Note: Most Grippy Mats pull up easily by hand. This Removal Tool is helpful for removing long runs, wide sizes or mats that have been in place for extended periods of time.


    Use With Grippy Mat
    Dimensions 8.9cm W x 19.1cm L x 12.7cm H
    Category Grippy® Tools
    Sold as 1 per box
    Weight .82 kg
    # per Pallet 200
    Composition Aluminum

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