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PIG® Wet Surfaces Epoxy Putty - PTY259


Special PIG Epoxy Putty formulations cover nearly any application. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

  • 12 sticks/box
  • 18cm L each


  • Specially formulated with the highest-quality epoxy resins to bond to wet surfaces, even cures underwater!
  • Convenient, premeasured epoxy has Parts A and B in one tube so you can fix it fast
  • Mixes easily simply by kneading to a uniform color
  • After curing, can be drilled, sawed, sanded, filed, tapped, machined or painted
  • 20-minute working time
  • Resists yellowing from UV
  • Ideal for reparing fittings, pipes, electrical connections, leaky gaskets, sinks, tanks and boats


          Color: Grey
          Dimensions: 18cm L
          Compressive Strength: 55 MPa
          Cure Time: 60 Minutes
          Dielectric Strength: 300 Volts/Mil
          Electrical Resistance:  30,000 Megaohms
          Handling Time: approx. 15 min.
          Hardness: 65-75 (Shore D)
          Shrinkage: <1%
          Temperature (Upper Limit):  121°C Continuous, 149°C Intermittent
          Sold As: 6 Per Box
          Shelf Life: 24 Months at 24°C
          Weight: 1.4 kg
          Composition: 15% Epoxy Resin
          1.5% Catalyst
          83.5% Non-Hazardous (Trade Secret) Ingredient

          Additional Information

          Product Data Sheet (PDS)
          Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
          Chemical Compatibility Guide

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