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PIG® Thick Liquids Absorbent Mat Pad - MAT209

Standard mats can't handle thick liquids - but these absorbents are specially designed to drink up paints, glues, resins and other viscous liquids.

  • Heavyweight
  • 46cm W x 56cm L
  • Absorbs up to 181.7L/bag
  • 50/bag

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  • Thirsty air pockets absorb even the stickiest heavy liquids with only slight pressure
  • Ideal for cleaning up paint spills, glues, resins, liquid chocolate, syrup and varnish
  • Quickly absorbs thick, high-viscosity liquids that conventional absorbents can't
  • Can also be used to filter metal chips and other large debris from liquids
  • Pads are ideal for cleaning up smaller spills of thick liquids


    Color: White
    Dimensions: 46cm W x 56cm L
    Mat Weight: Heavyweight
    Fluids Absorbed: Viscous Oil- & Water-based Fluids
    Absorbency: Up to 181.7L per bag
    Dispenser Yes
    Perforated: No
    Poly-Backing: No
    UV Resistant: No
    Sold as: 50 pads per bag
    Weight: 4.5 kg
    # per Pallet: 12
    Composition: Polyester Fiber

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