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PIG® Surgical Floor Skimmer - HC200


Absorbs saline and blood quickly during high fluid surgeries for improved O.R. turnover and safer floors.

  • Tube Included
  • Latex-Free
  • 22.9cm W x 22.9cm L x 1.9cm H
  • 10 Each


  • Captures liquids from all angles during high fluid surgeries for fast, easy cleanup
  • Easy-slide floor pad can be repositioned or swept across the floor with your foot, keeping arms and hands free
  • Bottom wicking pad can remove 60 liters per hour of blood, saline and other fluids
  • More efficient, more sanitary, faster and easier to use than towels, paper towels and other O.R. clean-up methods
  • Helps maintain a clean and dry operating room floor to prevent risk of slips, trips and falls
  • Low-profile, thin design does not trip up O.R. staff
  • Silent suction design helps keep the operating room quiet
  • 3.7 meter flexible, suction tubing (included) allows for access to all areas around operating table
  • Ideal for surgical centers, hospital operating rooms and veterinary clinics


    Special Feature Latex-Free
    Style Tube Included
    Color Blue
    Dimensions 22.9cm W x 22.9cm L x 1.9cm H
    Category Surgical Mat
    Sold as 10 per box
    Weight 3.9 kg
    New Pig Patent 9,451,854
    # per Pallet 40
    Composition Polypropylene/Cellulose Blend

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    How to use the Pig Surgical Floor Skimmer

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