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PIG® Sticky Steps® Mat - MAT566-BL


Multi-sheet floor mat grabs grime from shoes and wheels to keep dirt out of offices, cleanrooms and other areas where clean floors are vital.

  • 30 sheets/pad
  • 4 pads/box
  • 61cm W x 114cm L


  • High-tack disposable mat pulls dirt and debris from shoes and wheels to prevent tracking into offices
  • Used sheets tear off easily and individually
  • Numbered pull-tab system shows when you're running low
  • Low-profile pack adheres to floor with easy-to-use backing
  • Each 2 mil polyethylene sheet is nonallergenic, nonodorous and nondrying


            Dimensions: 61cm W x 114cm L x 3.3mm H
            Dimensions (Package): 119cm L x 63cm W x 3cm H
            Number of Sheets Per Pad: 30
            Thickness: 2 mil
            Sold As: 4 pads per box
            Weight: 6.35 kg
            Composition: 2 mil polyethylene

            Additional Information

            Product Data Sheet (PDS)

            The Factories Act 1948, chapter III, section 11, (a)
            Accumulation of dirt and refuse shall be removed daily by sweeping or by any other effective method from the floors and benches of workrooms and from staircases and passages and disposed of in a suitable manner;

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