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PIG® SpillBlocker® Dike - PLR212

Don't waste a big blocker on a small leak. This 1.375"H LeakBlocker is just right for leaky machinery until you can make repairs.

  • 6cm W x 3m L x 3.5cm H

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    • Fast protection for when a leak is starting to spread; just surround machine with dike to contain liquid
    • Exclusive New Pig formulation is flexible and tacky; seals tight to smooth surfaces and blocks liquids
    • Built-in, interlocking end joints create a liquid-proof seal and allow you to join as many sections as you need without extra parts
    • Confines and diverts fluids without absorbing them, making cleanup or reclamation simpler
    • Polyurethane material resists water, oils and many chemicals
    • High-visibility yellow color draws attention to spill for increased safety
    • Reusable dike cleans easily with soap and water


        Style: Non-Weight Bearing
        Color: Yellow
        Dimensions: 6cm W x 3m L x 3.5cm H
        Intended For:  Smooth Surface
        Temperature Limit: -23°C to 49°C (-10 °F to 120 °F)
        Sold As: 1 each
        Weight: 4.99 kg
        Composition: Polyurethane


        Additional Information

        Product Data Sheet (PDS)
        Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
        Chemical Compatibility Guide

        Hazardous And Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016, Chapter 2, (6), (a)
        The occupier shall take all the steps while managing hazardous and other wastes to contain contaminants and prevent accidents and limit their consequences on human beings and the environment;

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