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PIG® SpillBlocker® Dike - PLR204


Confine and divert spills up to 6cm deep with our customer-favorite dike. Others look the same but only PIG delivers durable two-part construction.

  • 10cm W x 3m L x 6cm H
  • For Smooth Surfaces


  • Exclusive New Pig formulation features a tear-resistant top layer and a flexible, tacky bottom layer that seals tight to smooth surfaces and blocks liquids
  • Other dikes may look similar, but only PIG SpillBlocker Dikes have two-layer construction for superior performance
  • 6cm height is great for containing smaller spills
  • Fast protection for when a spill is heading right for your drain; just place dike in front of spill to contain liquid
  • Confines and diverts fluids without absorbing them, making cleanup or reclamation simpler
  • Polyurethane material resists water, oils and many chemicals
  • Reusable dike cleans easily with soap and water


      Traffic: Non-Weight Bearing
      Color: Yellow, Black
      Dimensions: 10cm W x 3m L x 3cm H
      Ideal For: Quick Spill Response
      Install/Deploy Type: Temporary/Removable Barrier
      Intended Use: Smooth Surfaces
      Max liquid temp exposure: Max Exposure Limit 107.2°C for up to 30 Minutes
      Storage Temp Range: Store from -17.8°C to 49°C
      Temperature Limit: Works from -17.8°C to 71°C
      Sold as: 1 per box
      Weight: 13.6 kg
      # per Pallet: 32
      Composition: Polyurethane

      Additional Information

      Product Data Sheet (PDS)
      Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
      Chemical Compatibility Guide
      Care and Storage Guide

      Hazardous And Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016, Chapter 2, (6), (a)
      The occupier shall take all the steps while managing hazardous and other wastes to contain contaminants and prevent accidents and limit their consequences on human beings and the environment;

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