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PIG® Outdoor Filter Berm Pad - FLT902


Provide easy outdoor spill containment with our geotextile oil filtration pads to capture oils, gas and other hydrocarbons while rainwater flows through.

  • 137cm W x 198cm L x 5.7cm H
  • Absorbs up to 17.4 L/box
  • 1 pad/box


  • Replaceable absorbent liner captures leaks and spills of oils and fuels; clean water passes through walls as hydrocarbons are filtered out
  • 5cm foam sidewalls provide structure and ensure adequate filtering time in the event of a large rainfall
  • Berm Pad is lightweight for easy handling yet durable enough to hold heavy loads
  • Folds down and straps shut for quick storage and grab-and-go transportation
  • Corner grommets let you stake Berm Pad to the ground to help stay in place when empty
  • Ideal for temporary storage of small generators and other small equipment or containers at construction sites, oil fields and other outdoor areas


      Fluid Absorbed: Oils, Filters Water
      Style: Oil, Water Separator
      Color: Black/Yellow
      Dimensions: 137cm W x 198cm L x 5.7cm H
      Absorbency: Up to 17.4 L per box
      Sold as: 1 pad per box
      Weight: 11.6 kg
      # per Pallet: 8
      Composition: Berm - Vinyl, Polyurethane Foam, Brass
      Absorbent - Polyester, Cotton and Vinyl

      1 - Reusable Berm

      1 - Filter Berm Pad (RFL902)

      UV Resistant: Yes

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