PIG® Oil-Only Spill Kit in a 76L Overpack Salvage Drum - KIT411-01 - New Pig India
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PIG® Oil-Only Spill Kit in a 76L Overpack Salvage Drum - KIT411-01

Strong enough to earn a UN rating for shipping spill cleanup waste.  

  • Absorbs up to 47.3L
  • 48cm H


  • 2 - 46cm PIG® Sump Skimmers
  • 3 - 3m PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent  Boom
  • 12 - PIG® Stat-Mat Absorbent Pads
  • 5 - Disposal bags & ties
  • 6 - Tamperproof Labels
  • 1 - Instructions

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      • Comply with Spill Plan regs, avoid fines and be ready to respond with the #1 kit for oil-based spills
      • Overpack drum container is UN Rated for shipping waste after oil spill cleanup
      • Neatly prepacked container speeds access during a spill emergency
      • PIG Oil-Only Booms stop spreading spills; PIG Stat-Mat and Pillows absorb quickly
      • Absorbents meet NFPA 99 standards for static decay to allow use with fuels and flammables
      • Overpack is X-rated in Packing Groups I, II and III for shipping spill cleanup waste by land, sea or rail
      • Lightweight, polypropylene container resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry
      • Leakproof, twist-on lid is notched for easy removal or tightening
      • Large, color-coded label makes identification fast and accurate
      • Ledges molded into container make kit easy to move by forklift
      • Tamperproof seals help prevent pilfering of spill response supplies
      • Note: A PIG Overpack Protection Cover (available separately) is suggested for outdoor storage to protect container from UV degradation and weathering
      • Only PIG Spill Kits feature PIG Absorbents - the world's #1 selling brand


          Dimensions: ext. dia. 57cm x 48cm H
          Fluids Absorbed: Oil-Based Liquids, - Not Water
          Absorbency: Up to 47.3 L
          Lift Out Basket: No
          Outdoor Storage: Yes
          Spill Volume: 25 - 50L
          Weight: 11.8kg
          UN Rated: Yes
          UV Resistant: Yes
          Wheels: No
          Sold as: 1 each
          Composition Mats - Polypropylene
          Booms - Co-Poly Outer Skin & Polypropylene Inner Skin & Filler
          Skimmer Pillows - Polyester Mesh & Polypropylene Filler
          Container - Injection Molded Copolymer Polypropylene
          # per Pallet: 12

          3 - 8cm dia x 3m L PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Booms (BOM406)
          12 - 38cm x 51cm PIG® STAT-MAT® Pads (MAT214)
          2 - 20cm dia x 46cm L PIG® Sump Skimmers (SKM403)
          5 - 46cm x 76cm Disposal Bags and Ties (BAG201-S)
          7 - 5.5cm x 15cm Tamperproof Labels (LBL100)
          1 - Instructions
          1 - 57cm dia x 48cm H PIG® 76-Litre Overpack Drum (PAK708-WH)


          Additional Information

          Product Data Sheet (PDS)
          Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

          Dock Workers Rules (Safety, Health and Welfare), 1990, 78 (1)
          Where there is a risk of explosion from electrical equipment....non-sparking tools shall be provided and used in such atmospheres.

          National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan (NOS-DCP) 8.3.2
          Typical techniques involve: Application of sorbents either loose, as mats or in “sausages”. As many low viscosity chemical spills rapidly spread to cover a large surface area, these techniques are most applicable if the spread of the chemical can be confined.

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