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New Pig is the World Leader in Leak & Spill Products. Call us at 1-800-274-7447
New Pig is the World Leader in Leak & Spill Products. Call us at 1-800-274-7447

PIG® Leak Diverter Combination Kit for Roofs & Pipes - TLS671


Convenient bag kits are packed for fast response to overhead leaks, and offer extras to help make the job even easier.

  • Roofs, Pipes
  • All Inclusive Kit
  • 45.7cm x 45.7cm


  • 1 - Roof Leak Diverter
  • 1 - Pipe Leak Diverter
  • 2 - Drainage hoses
  • 6 - Adjustable Hanging Straps
  • 2 - Drain Fittings
  • 1 - 30-pack "CAUTION" PIG® Mat Pads
  • 2 - 25-pack PIG® All-Puropose Wipers
  • 1 - " Watch Your Step" Sign
  • 1 - Duffel Bag
  • 1 - Pack of PIG® Pipe Wrap
  • 1 - Pack of PIG® Multi-Purpose Repair Putty


    • Hangs in problem spots to catch nuisance leaks and channel them to a floor drain or collection container
    • Ideal for quick response to avoid downtime after a roof leak or for long-term prevention in leak-prone areas
    • Impermeable tarp is vinyl coated for strength and durability; resists punctures, UV and mildew
    • Hang with attached adjustable straps, then divert liquid away from leak with 7.62m drainage hose
    • Quick connect set lets you attach drainage hose to leak diverter in seconds
    • Flow rate of 12.6L per minute when used with a 1.27cm ID hose
    • PIG Mat absorbent pads with "Caution, Watch Your Step" message soak up liquids from a wet floor
    • PIG All-Purpose Wipers are ideal for cleaning up residue or wiping down kit components after use
    • Carrying bag with adjustable shoulder strap has 18 pockets for additional tools or supplies
    • PIG Pipe Leak Diverter hangs easily to channel leaks to a floor drain or collection container


        Dimensions:  Ext. Dia. 45.7cm x 45.7cm
        Colour: Translucent
        Absorbency: Up to 34.7 L per box
        Application: Roofs, Pipes
        Drainage Hose Included: yes
        Flow Rate: 12.6L per minute
        Hanging Straps Included: Yes
        Shape: circle

        Diverter - PVC, Polyester
        Hose - PVC
        Straps - Rubber
        Mats - Polypropylene
        Carrying Bag - Nylon


         1 - 45.7cm Ext. Dia. x 45.7cm H Leak Diverter
        1 - 152.4cm L x 152.4cm W Leak Diverter
        1 - 7.62m L Drainage Hose
        1 - 3.04m L Drainage Hose
        4 - 48.2cm L Adjustable Hanging Straps
        1 - 30 Pack Yellow Printed Message "CAUTION" PIG® Mat
        2 - 25 Pack 1/4 Fold PIG® All-Purpose Wipers in a Poly Bag
        1 - Pack PIG® Pipe Wrap for Pipe 6.35cm to 10.16cm Dia.
        1 - Tube PIG® Multi-Purpose Repair Putty
        1 - 61cm L x 25.4cm  W x 30.5cm H Nylon Carrying Bag

        Additional Information

        Product Data Sheet (PDS)
        Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
        Chemical Compatibility Guide