PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Absorbent Mat - MAT32100 - New Pig India
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PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Absorbent Mat - MAT32100

The only absorbent mat with Grippy backing stays put no matter what! Exclusively from New Pig. 

  • Mediumweight
  • 81cm W x 30m L
  • Absorbs up to 39.7L/roll
  • 1 roll

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  • Specially-formulated, full-coverage adhesive backing holds tight but leaves no residue; eliminates the need for tapes and trays
  • Peels up easily for quick changeouts; reduces cleanup time for a more productive facility
  • Eight layers of fine-fibre polypropylene safely absorb leaks, drips and overspray of oils, coolants, solvents and water to keep liquids from being tracked around
  • No curling or bunching; lies flat to reduce trip hazards around workstations, walkways and machinery
  • Poly backing creates a liquidproof barrier that keeps floors completely dry
  • Tough, spunbond top layer with heavy-duty zigzag stitching stands up to foot and light-wheeled traffic as well as heavy equipment driveovers
  • Dark color hides grime so mat stays down longer
  • When used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction surfaces such as PIG Grippy Mat have been proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%


    Color: Blue
    Dimensions: 81cm W x 30.5m L
    Mat Weight: Mediumweight
    Fluids Absorbed: Oils, Coolants, Solvents & Water
    Recycled Content:      25% or more Recycled Content
    Absorbency: Up to 39.7 L per roll
    Packaging: Bag
    Perforated: Not Perforated
    Poly-Backing: Yes
    UV Resistant: No
    Sold as: 1 roll
    Weight: 12.3 kg
    # per Pallet: 13

    Absorbent - Polypropylene with Polyester Stitching.
    Backing - Proprietary Adhesive Material

    Additional Information

    Product Data Sheet (PDS)
    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    Chemical Compatibility Guide
    Static Coefficient Of Friction (SCOF) Testing 
    How to use PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat

    The Factories Act 1948, chapter IV, section 32, (a)
    All floors, steps, stairs, passengers and gangways shall be of sound construction, and properly maintained and shall be kept free from obstructions and substances likely to cause persons to slip and where it is necessary to ensure safety, steps, stairs, passages and gangways shall be provided with substantial handrails;

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