PIG™ Drive-Over Build-A-Berm® Barrier Straight Section - PLR514 - New Pig India
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PIG™ Drive-Over Build-A-Berm® Barrier Straight Section - PLR514


Drive-over barrier springs back into shape when heavy vehicles, carts, dollies and pallet jacks pass. Custom containment berm helps you control liquids in high-traffic areas.

  • 11.4cm W x 366cm L x 3.8cm H
  • Glued in Place with Reinforced Mounting Strips
  • Straight Section


  • The PIG Drive-Over Build-A-Berm Barrier provides semi-permanent containment in high-traffic areas on concrete, asphalt or most sealed surfaces
  • Constructed of 40-ounce, vinyl-coated fabric with an open-cell foam core; berm compresses to approximately 6.4mm when driven over; springs back to shape when vehicles pass
  • 3.8cm height accommodates low-clearance traffic like pallet jacks, heavy carts and dollies; durable enough to withstand indoor or outdoor traffic from trucks, loaded tow motors and other heavy vehicles
  • Secure to floor with sealant and reinforce with predrilled aluminum mounting strips and steel anchors; seal seams with vinyl cement
  • Create any configuration by combining with other Build-A-Berm components; ends overlap and can be sealed together for liquid-proof containment
  • When used with standard Build-A-Berm Barriers, orange color indicates area where drivers can enter and exit


      Traffic: Cart Traffic; Vehicle Traffic
      Color: Orange
      Dimensions: 11.4 W x 366cm L x 3.8cm H
      Ideal For: Long-Term Custom Containment, High-Traffic Areas
      Install/Deploy Type: Glued In Place Barrier
      Temperature Limit: Works from -30°C to 71°C
      Sold as: 1 each
      Weight: 4.1 kg
      # per Pallet: 50
      Composition: Cover - 40 oz. Vinyl-Coated Fabric
      Core - Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam
      Strips - Aluminum
      Anchors - Galvanized Steel

      6 - Mounting Strips

      33 - Anchors

      1 - Straight Section Barrier

      Additional Information

      Product Data Sheet (PDS)
      Chemical Compatibility Guide

      Hazardous And Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016, Chapter 2, (6), (a)
      The occupier shall take all the steps while managing hazardous and other wastes to contain contaminants and prevent accidents and limit their consequences on human beings and the environment;

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