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PIG® Burpless® Poly Coated Steel Drum Funnel - DRM1126


Patented Burpless design delivers fast, no-splash pouring and one-handed access for easy reg compliance.

  • 26.7cm dia. x 7cm H Draining Area
  • One-Hand Sealable Drum Funnel


  • Fast pouring, no splashback and a one-hand latching lid make it easy to meet regs
  • Exclusive latching handle design easily opens and closes lid in a simple, single-handed operation
  • Secure closure helps you meet closed container regs, but opens and closes instantly
  • Patented Burpless design vents during pouring for fast, smooth flow with no dangerous splashback
  • Lets you pour without venting through 1.9cm bung, a possible closed container reg violation if left open
  • Nitrile gasket and locking mechanism completely seal lid to help reduce vapor emissions
  • Lockable to prevent unauthorized access
  • Durable, chemical-resistant powder coat helps ensure long service life
  • Multiple lid color options let you segregate drums
  • Textured, poly-coated interior adds chemical resistance, resists peeling and rusting
  • Low-profile steel drum funnel is perfect for pouring from small containers


      Use With: 19 to 208-litre Steel or Poly Drums w/ 5.08cm NPT/BSP
      Dimensions: 28.6cm W x 38.1cm L x 33cm H
      Burpless: Yes
      Flame Arrestor Included: No
      Drum Type: Steel Tight-Head, Plastic Tight-Head
      Lid: With latching/Locking Lid
      Overfill Preventer Included: No
      Special Features: Burpless, Vapor Control, Padlockable
      Sold As: 1 each
      Weight: 5.7kg
      # Per Pallet: 48

      Funnel - 18-Guage Steel
      Lid Gasket - 70 Dura Nitrile
      Bung Gasket - PTFE
      Poly Coat - Epoxy

      Additional Information

      Product Data Sheet (PDS)
      Chemical Compatibility Guide

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