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New Pig is the World Leader in Leak & Spill Products. Call us at 1-800-274-7447
New Pig is the World Leader in Leak & Spill Products. Call us at 1-800-274-7447

PIG®Absorb-&-Lock™ Water Absorbent Pad with Water Proof Backing - WTR005


Set these super absorbent pads in problem areas as a preventive measure to absorb leaks and drips. Waterproof backing delivers an extra layer of protection to keep floors dry.

  • Absorbs & Retains High Volumes of Water
  • 26.9cm W x 36.8cm L
  • Absorbs up to 19.7 L/package
  • 10 pads/package


  • Water absorbing pads can be left in place under leaky pipes, equipment, appliances or machinery
  • Great for sewage and restroom backups and overflows
  • Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) filler swells on contact with water and expands to pull in large volumes of liquid quickly
  • Expanded water spill pads create a barrier to help prevent further leaks and drips from escaping and spreading into walkways
  • Absorbed water is “locked” inside; won’t leach or run out when you pick up or dispose, even when fully saturated
  • Waterproof water absorbent liner on back of pad helps prevent absorbed liquids from reaching floors
  • Pads (before water contact) are low-profile to fit tight spaces; unobtrusive design won’t create trip hazards
  • Leave pad down until fully saturated, then dispose
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous for easy disposal
  • Printed with “Caution” symbol for added safety


      Traffic No Foot Traffic
      Fluids Absorbed Water
      Special Feature Absorbs & Retains High Volumes of Water
      Colors Available White
      Dimensions 26.9cm W x 36.8cm L
      Absorbency Up to 19.7 L per package
      Absorbency per Up to 2 L per strip
      Height When Full 5cm When Full
      Sold as 10 pads per package
      Weight 0.4 kg
      # per Pallet 500
      Composition Skin - Polypropylene
      Filler - Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)
      Application Protects Surfaces from Water Damage

      Additional Information

      Product Data Sheet (PDS)
      Safety Data Sheet (SDS)