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Refill for Oil-Only Mop System - RFL631

Refill your Oil-Only Mop System with these highly absorbent pads.

  • Heavyweight
  • Absorbs up to 6.6L/Box
  • 12 Pads/bag

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  • Keep a supply of replacement pads for your Oil-Only Mop System (TLS631, sold separately) so you'll always be prepared to clean oily spots and overspray
  • Once cleaning is complete, simply wring out the pad to reclaim oil if desired, or dispose of it; no laundering required


    Color: White
    Dimensions: 22.9cm W x 48.3cm L
    Absorbency: Up to 6.6L per Box
    Fluid Absorbed: Oil-Based Liquids - Not Water
    Weight: .68 kg
    Contents: 12 - 22cm W x 48cm L Oil-Only Mop Pad Refills
    Composition: Polypropylene

    Additional Information

    Product Data Sheet (PDS)
    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

    The Factories Act 1948, chapter III, section 11, (a)
    Accumulation of dirt and refuse shall be removed daily by sweeping or by any other effective method from the floors and benches of workrooms and from staircases and passages and disposed of in a suitable manner;

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