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PIG® Modular IBC Spill Containment Pallet - PAK121


Modular system saves you money by sharing sump capacity. Store your IBCs in compliance with containment regulations.

  • 16,329.6kg Load Capacity
  • 1,382L Sump Capacity
  • 159cm L x 159cm W x 22cm H Pallet Size


  • Flow-through connections let components share sump capacity to help you meet storage regulations; more economical than individual units
  • Each heavy-duty pallet section supports 16,329.6kg UDL and accommodates almost any size IBC unit
  • Pallet sections and tanks are 100% polyethylene to resist corrosion and most chemicals, including acids, solvents and oils
  • Each pallet section features 4-way forklift pockets for easy moving
  • Non-slip grates lift out for easy sump access
  • Low profile allows easy loading and access
  • Increase sump capacity by adding on an individual pallet section (PAK672) or Expansion Tank (PAK116)
  • Includes specially designed tool kit for connecting components; kit also sold separately as PAK117
  • Each expansion tank features a hatch lid for easy access to collected liquid
  • Includes four pairs of 3.175cm diameter, flow-through bulkhead fittings that let you easily connect components


    Color: Black
    Dimensions (Pallet size): 159cm L x 159cm W x 22cm H
    Dimensions (Tank size): 155cm L x 79cm W x 32cm H
    Sump Capacity: 1,328L
    Load Capacity: 16,329.6 kg

    One Expansion Tank - Four Pallets - One Tool Kit - Four Bulkhead Fittings

    Sold as: 1 each


    Additional Information

    Product Data Sheet (PDS)
    Chemical Compatibility Guide

    Hazardous And Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016, Chapter 2, (6), (a)
    The occupier shall take all the steps while managing hazardous and other wastes to contain contaminants and prevent accidents and limit their consequences on human beings and the environment;

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